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Software Company


Software Company

MSML is a young (2012) and ambitious software company from Deventer. An eye for detail, professionalism and safety are part of their DNA. With these values, MSML manages to bring projects – which are usually limited to Fortune 500 agencies – to a successful conclusion. MSML advises businesses on software, data analysis, safety and operational management, and then develops software to help the client work smarter, faster, and in a consumer-friendly way.

Software development

The primary service is the development of bespoke software. MSML develops web-based and mobile applications. MSML offers clients an alternative to organisations who are looking for solutions which are beyond their vision or the capabilities of their existing IT architecture. MSML introduces stand-alone functionalities and links these to existing systems without interfering with the primary processes.

Many of the projects therefore start out as an experiment, or a proof of concept. The in-house developers focus on user experience, front-end, back-end and full-stack development. Each position filled by at least two people to guarantee continuity. Self-managing Agile development teams work closely with the clients under the guidance of certified product owners and the scrum master. Our motto is: ‘underpromise and overdeliver.’ This is the reason why until today, not a single client has ever left MSML.

National top brands

MSML has, in their short history, built up an impressive portfolio of clients and business cases. One particularly unique client is Unilever. Thanks to the app developed by MSML, the 130 Unilever sales representatives take their office with them wherever they go. The app provides one single automated solution for the entire sales process. This varies from the first contact to ordering promotions to sales performance reporting. The app enables bespoke promotions, increases the brand experience and enables effective campaigns. The business is currently working on other software solutions for Unilever. Other well-known business clients of MSML are Primagaz (SHV), Unit 4 and, closer to home, the Deventer soccer club Go Ahead Eagles.


Through their Dutch clients, MSML is now also receiving assignments from international clients via Unilever, for example, and also via Primagaz. MSML works for the Belgian office at Primagaz. Primagaz’ parent company is SHV, with offices around the world. Director Marcel Letink: ‘Export is not a goal for us as such, but it is the logical next step resulting from the good work we have done for our internationally active clients. We expect to take more steps in that direction in the coming years.’

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