Wholesale of tin packaging and plastic closures

Mus Verpakkingen

Wholesale of tin packaging and plastic closures

Mus Verpakkingen is a specialised wholesaler in metal packaging and plastic closures. The various types of metal packaging are purchased in Europe and Deventer-based Ardagh is an important supplier. Since 1986, Mus Verpakkingen has been supplying around fourten million cans each year to a growing customer base. Mus Verpakkingen is a second generation family business with seven employees.

The metal packaging traditionally finds its way to the paint and chemical market, which makes up 70% of the turnover. The customer base varies from a local painter, medium sized paint manufacturers to large international chemical companies. Lately, there has been an increase in customers from the cosmetics sector and the food industry. What all these customers have in common is their need for flexible and fast delivery (within 24 hours) of metal packaging.

Mus Verpakkingen also provides extra services. For example, Mus has a special label machine that can apply customers’ company labels / wrappers to cans. In the past, this was outsourced and now it can be executed quickly under own management. This is much appreciated by customers. Soon, they will also have a machine that is unique in Europe. With this labelling machine, Mus will be able to provide cans with a full colour design with digitally printed small letters. This will open new markets. Mus also provides warehousing for customers.

Most customers can be found within a 400 kilometre radius from the company. This has a reason: transporting cans is reasonably expensive because they contain a lot of air. Yet there are exceptions at Mus. For example, Mus regularly sells cans to customers in Jamaica. Since 2016, they have been shipping containers to Ghana every four weeks, so milk powder can be packaged on the spot. Initially, every shipment consisted of one container, but this has by now increased to four containers.

In addition to cans, Mus sells around three million plastic closures each year. These are easier to transport than cans and therefore are sold to more countries. The whole world is indirectly reached through Dutch customers. A glance at Mus’ showroom proves just that: paint cans for the USA, chemical substances for South America and milk powder for Africa. The ambition for the years ahead more growth. At the moment, Mus is working on a new production method with environmentally friendly labels on sugarcane ethanol basis (RAFBIO PE).

Export Countries

Belgium | Luxembourg | Germany | Denmark | Sweden | Switzerland | Austria | Spain | France | Portugal | Italy | United Kingdom | Ireland | Poland | Slovakia | Slovenia | Czech Republic | India | Jamaica | Guadeloupe | Ghana | China | Saudi Arabia | Bahrein | Oman


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