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Packaging & decorations


Packaging & decorations

Owner Jacques Mus comes from a family of entrepreneurs with their roots in Deventer: Mus Verpakkingen B.V.

35 years ago, his father founded Mus Verpakkingen B.V., a wholesaler in tins and plastic closures for the paint and chemical industry. After Jacques had worked several years in the business, he acquired Boon Verpakkingen in Twello in 2002, a wholesaler in packaging materials, shop supplies and shop window and decorative materials.

In 2006, Jacques and his wife Bianco had a new site built in Twello, and the name was changed to Musdeco. Still, there were fewer and fewer independent window dressers, and shop owners were less active with themed decorations. To compensate for this, themes such as Love, Sinterklaas and Christmas became readily available in Jacques’ business.

As the market changed, so did the opportunities. Jacques had solid contacts in the sweets industry (Sweet and Candy) and tin packaging (Mus Verpakkingen BV). This turned out to be a golden combination for specialising in sweets packaging. And thanks to this excellent partnership, he now sells his sweets packaging as far as the other side of the world.

Besides a standard range of sweets packaging materials, Musdeco has a complete in-house line in tin wrappers, paper cones, toffee boxes and gold bars.

Most of the packaging designs are made by Jacques himself, and in recent years he has invested quite a bit in his own die-cuts for sweet and gift packaging designs. This adds flexibility and allows his customers to choose from different models at no additional cost.

Musdeco’s assortment consists of:

– Sweets packaging: paper cones, toffee tins, gold bars

– Industrial packaging material: tape, film and protective packaging materials

– Shop supplies: shopping bags, wrapping paper, wrapping bags, etc.

– Wine packaging: wine bags, wine boxes

Local B2B customers collect their goods in the showroom. The rest is sold via the webshop, email and telephone.

The market is currently shifting very quickly, and Musdeco’s customers are increasingly asking for ‘greener’ products. That’s quite a challenge for plastic packaging. Jacques has to consider the durability and appearance of the product and the price and shelf life of the packaging (bio-based plastic has a shorter shelf life).

Jacques is proud that his business continues to thrive despite these rapidly changing market conditions and that his customers still feel welcome. He believes that shopping should be fun and worry-free, so he keeps his stock levels high and delivery times short.

Export Countries

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