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Nefit is a renowned and traditional Dutch brand. The company behind the brand has been a part of Bosch Thermotechnology since 2004, one of the divisions of the international Robert Bosch group. Bosch is a global leading brand in automotive, household appliances and power tools, among others. With this solid international foundation, Nefit is one of the strongest players in the heating sector in the Netherlands and a major supplier of high-performance boilers in Europe and beyond.

Nefit operates from Deventer. In Deventer, production of hr boilers takes place, both for consumer and business markets, and they are sold under the brand name Nefit in the Netherlands. Appliances are also produced in Deventer, that are sold under private label in more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond.

Nefit, the inventor
Nefit is the inventor of the high-efficiency boiler, which laid the foundation in the early 80s of the last century for a thriving business. Many hundreds of thousands of appliances have since been exported from Deventer, introducing this Dutch invention on a large scale in Europe.

At the site in Deventer, there is also a Knowledge Center. Here, work is being done on sustainable heating solutions for all of Europe. More than a hundred specialists are engaged in developing and optimizing new systems and heating concepts on a daily basis. The Research & Development departments are working closely with colleagues within the Bosch group, universities, research institutes and specialized industries.

Export ambition
To grow from being a global leading supplier of high performance boilers to a producer of sustainable system solutions for heating and hot water. Nefit does this by combining hr appliances in hybrid systems with solar energy and heat pumps and with new products, making the use of fossil fuels eventually unnecessary altogether.

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