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Advanced Synthetics


Advanced Synthetics

The Dutch Synthetics Chemical Company, NKC, was set up in 1974. From its business premises in Deventer it produces two-component coatings and plastics under its own name and private labels. The main outlets are paint and sealant producers at home and abroad. NKC has a 25-strong workforce.

The main strength of the company is in its long experience working with epoxy and polyurethane-based coatings and plastics. Its R & D team can come up with a recipe to satisfy any situation, exactly matching the properties and colours required. Managing director Lia van den Belt : “We will find a solution for any demand presented to us. We are happy to provide customised work and that makes our family firm unique”.

The assortment now amounts to more than 700 products comprising coatings, grouts and sealants, fillers and repair agents, injection resins, colour pastes, glues and cements. These find their way via paint producers and large construction companies to, for instance, hospitals, multi-storey car parks and bridges to offshore, ships, and windmills.

All products are produced to order, in batches from 50 to several thousand kilos. Delivery is quick with most orders arriving within three to five working days. Besides design and production, NKC also offers advice services, courses and training (theory and practice) on location or in-house.

Looking ahead, NKC expects to grow further. The consistent quality, constructive interaction with clients and quick delivery have led to a steady rise in the customer base. Recommendation is largely by word of mouth. With extra focus on marketing, growth is expected to rise even more rapidly.


Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Denmark | France | United Kingdom |

Occasionally | Hungary | Turkey | Romania


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