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Production of Medical Disposables

No Stress Medical Handling

Production of Medical Disposables

No Stress Medical Handling has specialised in producing and handling medical disposables. Founded by Jeroen Rebergen and Geert Schatorje, where Sabine Rebergen is the daily manager.

No Stress Medical Handling originated from the demand from hospitals and their laboratories. Jeroen Rebergen, account manager within the medical sector, was asked whether it was possible to provide sterile packaging. After conducting market research, he responded to this by establishing No Stress Medical Handling together with his business partner Schatorje in 2002.

“Extraordinary work that must be executed precisely”, Sabine says enthusiastically. “Every day, orders are processed and if possible, small stocks are created. During quieter times, the stocks of the products of which the demand is greatest, are created.”

In the past few years, a company has been established that composes different types of packages for medical examination. For a faeces, urine or saliva examination and venereal diseases tests, for example. Depending on the kind of examination, one or multiple vials are packed together and potentially provided with fluids. In a sterile enclosure, the vials are filled and then packaged. The small package can be given to a patient, so the vials can be filled at home. Or the packages are put together in such a way that they fit through mailboxes.

In addition to the aforementioned examinations, sterile packages are also created for IVF and blood tests. Medical disposables are produced in small quantities for several different customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because they are constantly looking for new challenges and expanding their work activities, the company has grown during the past years. Thanks to the expansion of the business park where they are situated, they will think about how they can achieve more growth during the coming year.

No Stress Medical Handling’s goal is to supply more hospitals and their laboratories.

Export Countries

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