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Oblivion was established in Apeldoorn in 1998. The founders came from Zwolle, Amersfoort and Arnhem, so Apeldoorn was chosen as a centrally located site for their business. Oblivion is a consultancy firm specialising in providing consulting services and implementing cloud computing technology based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. By focusing on all the available services AWS offers, the business has skyrocketed since its establishment. Today, 44 professionals work at the company’s four locations: Apeldoorn (head office), Amsterdam, Germany and Denmark.

The global market in cloud providers can be roughly divided into three major systems: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. Azure is prominently available in the Netherlands, while AWS is a more prominent player worldwide. In 2006, AWS was launched on the Dutch market, and Oblivion became one of its initial partners. By focusing entirely on AWS, Oblivion has grown into the country’s leading specialist in AWS and its 250 (!) underlying services. Moreover, Oblivion is the only Dutch partner to have gained Premier Consulting Partner Status.

Working with AWS has a significant advantage of scale, making the offered services cheaper and safer. These services go beyond other existing cloud services such as cloud computing and storage. Data-driven businesses can generate value from their data more quickly and easily with AWS. For instance, AWS has various applications for machine learning, providing exciting opportunities for many manufacturing companies, a field in which Oblivion also has a strong position. The company also has a strong market position in the governance and energy sector and the financial institution market. Oblivion operates at the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations.

Over the past five years, Oblivion has seen tremendous growth, with an average of 60% per year. Still, despite this high percentage, Oblivion expects to exceed this growth in the years to come. This growth will come from offering new services to existing customers. Many clients were initially cautious with adopting this technology, using only one or a few AWS services. As Oblivion client familiarity with cloud computing technology and its benefits grows, they quickly turn to cloud computing technologies for other applications.

The AWS market share in the Netherlands grows, which means that new relationships and partnerships will be forged both in the Netherlands and internationally. Sales from international offices in Germany and Denmark are also increasing steadily.

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