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Automation of the Sales process

Orange Funnels

Automation of the Sales process

Max van Rooy started his career as a business owner when he was eighteen years old; five years later, he had 22 employees working for him. Despite this success, he wasn’t happy with his work because he felt that he wasn’t making any progress with his business. He sold his business, travelled the world and returned to start a new company with a new approach. He is now the owner of Orange Funnels, a fast-growing company in the digital world. Orange Funnels automates the entire sales process from offline to online.

The offline sales process is often time-consuming. Employers meet up with each other, business cards are exchanged, websites are viewed, one or more follow-up appointments are made and, if all goes well, a quotation is made, reviewed and eventually accepted with an order or assignment.

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At Orange Funnels, this entire process is automated. Max: ‘Not only is the traditional sales process time-consuming but also many employers hate acquisition, a very good reason to automate the process.’ With each step in the process, employers have different questions. What sort of a business is it? What is their reputation? Is it a good product or service? What are their prices, lead times, etc.? Orange Funnels takes the clients and these questions and works together with the employer to design a unique digital customer journey.

And because this process is also highly automated through the use of e-learning, the costs per business remain low. Max: ‘You can digitise your personal sales process via us for less than 1,000 euros. You have access to our e-learning system and we also have trainers available to help you. After a period of ninety days, our customers have automated their sales process. After that, we support them via social media and SEA to draw frequent and valuable leads to their website. On average, each euro invested in this project raises about 5 to 10 euros in profits, with exceptions going up to 20, 25 euros.

Orange Funnels donates 10% of their profits to a charity each year. This charity, named after and in memory of Max’ mother, supports multiple charities for people and animals within the country and abroad.

Export ambitions

Max has attended many courses and trainings in the United States and continues to do so today. Orange Funnels has also received work through these contacts. In addition, various clients from both the Netherlands and Belgium come in via the online channel.

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