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Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Orange Pharma

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Orange Pharma, which was established in 2013, is the fastest growing international pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Netherlands. Their clients are mostly located in South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Orange Pharma supplies medicine and medical aids to pharmacies, clinics, wholesalers and hospitals.

Orange Pharma is committed to providing affordable and innovative medicine. Through extensive automation of their logistics process, Orange Pharma is able to supply over 98,000 products instantly through their online shopping site. The availability of the products is coordinated from the Netherlands and a broad European network.

Products & services

In the early years, the focus lay on supplying medicine to the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname. In 2016, a strategic choice was made to also distribute products in Europe. The business grew rapidly after that. Commercial director Lars Croese: ‘We have grown by about 100% in the last two years. Our warehouse in Raalte soon became too small to accommodate this growth, so we decided to move to a much larger space in Deventer. Our commercial office was formerly located at Schiphol Airport and has now also moved to Deventer. We are very happy with Deventer as our new location and there is room for growth here. We expect to see the same growth percentages as in previous years. We currently have twelve employees, but this number will probably also increase.’

The focus on internet sales and automaton leaves room for personal contacts with partners and clients. Croese: ‘We like being out on the road and we visit every international client at least once a year. By maintaining close personal contact with the customer, we know what is going on at the company and that allows us to quickly anticipate on any changes. It is also essential the we are able to deliver highly temperature-sensitive products under the right conditions to the client, which means also to the tropics; that’s something we continue to invest in daily. We have many customers because our deliveries are fast, accurate and affordable, delivering even in the weekend if need be. This is what truly distinguishes us in the market.’

Orange Pharma expects a further growth in profit in the short term by servicing existing countries and clients even better and by exporting to new countries.

Export Countries

Scandinavia | United Kingdom | Germany | Belgium | Poland | Lithuania | Italy | Suriname | The Netherlands Antilles


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