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Out of the Office

Experience concepts for companies

Dave Schiphorst is an entrepreneur who develops successful experience concepts for businesses with food, entertainment, team building activities and events. His hamburger was crowned the best burger in the Netherlands by top chefs such as Ron Blaauw, and with his team, he transformed the former Bussloo football complex into the place to be for team gatherings. An inspiring place to connect ‘out of the office’. A place where teams come to connect, become stronger and more successful. Dave started getting involved as an entrepreneur from an early age. He was initially active in the electrical engineering and entertainment sectors. When his ‘Dave’s Oerburger’ was crowned best burger in 2014, he grabbed the opportunity to set up a new organisation – Out of the Office – where he could put his knowledge, experience and passion for entrepreneurship into practice.

Bringing teams together, making them stronger and more successful

Dave Schiphorst: ‘It’s important to sometimes to take your team away from their familiar workplace to a new, inspiring environment. Because “out of the office” is where ideas are given room to grow and where strategies become concrete plans. It’s where equanimity, openness, creativity and focus flourish. A meeting or team-building event outside the office always needs to be an experience that inspires and sparks people into being engaged. That also applies to the meaningful company events we organise. We are convinced that such events lead to better company performance, a pleasurable work atmosphere and engaged ambassadors within your team and customer base.’

Always working towards an A+

Dave also works with organisations that operate globally, for which he and his team develop custom-made concepts. With a background in audiovisual technology, hotel and catering and entertainment, Dave knows how to create top-class physical and hybrid events and team-building days for both national and international groups. He combines the best of both worlds and never forgets that he’s always working towards creating top-class experiences worthy of an A+ rating.


Dave wants to add value with the events he organises: ‘I want to move people to become engaged, so everything must fit in seamlessly with our client’s brand identity. I want to increase job satisfaction within teams and promote ambassadorship among our client’s employees and customers. That’s why a meeting is never just a meeting to us. Whether our location serves as a TV studio for live streams or the setting for a spectacular business event, or we use unique locations locally and abroad for effective team-building events, we want to surpass expectations.’ Dave and his team certainly manage to do that!

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