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P5 Nederland BV was set up in Twello in 2006 by founder Eric Goldewijk. The first customer came following a Belgian customer who worked for a large bank and needed a business partner in the Netherlands. Thanks to Eric’s expertise, the first assignment came through, and the business started its successful growth with its first major job in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg!

What does P5 Nederland do?

In a nutshell: service and sales for an American software supplier for Lean and Agile portfolio management. Their customer base consists mainly of large companies where business is conducted solely at a senior level in sectors such as the finance, retail, and maritime sectors, the manufacturing industry and the pharmaceutical industry. These are companies and businesses where many projects run – and need to be adequately managed – simultaneously. The integration between different systems such as financial ERP systems, HRM systems and other applications is hereby critical.

Workshops & Consultancy

Through interactive sessions, workshops and analyses, P5 helps its customers transition from their traditional way of working to the new way: Lean and Agile.

Customer focus

P5 distinguishes itself in the European market with a high degree of flexibility and customer focus, qualities that are not always readily available with larger providers. P5 likes to show potential customers what it can actually do when given a clear client brief. The company’s motto is therefore: listen first, and then think before you act!


P5 has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium and works primarily in the Benelux. Contacts between the Dutch and Belgian offices run very smoothly!


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