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Construction advice

Peree Bouwadvies

Construction advice

Peree Bouwadvies B.V. is an engineering firm for building structures. Since 1956, Peree Bouwadvies has been a reliable partner for building constructions, building technology, building physics, fire safety and construction costs for project developers, architects, contractors and institutional investors. Ten people are working at Peree Bouwadvies.

Peree Bouwadvies has been active in Germany for quite some time now, to be exact since the fall of the Wall in 1989. From the ‘German roots’, German projects and interests of the clients are easily and informally guaranteed.

The consultants of Peree Bouwadvies work on several different parking garages in Great Britain for a German client, for Warner Brothers and Wembley stadium in London, for example. For an Israeli client, 40,000 apartments have been realised in Angola in Caala and Luanda. These apartments are made of aerated concrete.

Near the capital city of Kigali in Rwanda, around 350 homes and shops are being built. Peree is collaborating with Remote Group to move a factory from Riga, Latvia, to Rwanda. This is a big challenge.

In addition to Africa, Peree is also active in the Caribbean area. On Bonaire and Aruba, they are working on a holiday resort of around 300 houses. For General Electric, they are executing the drawing work for a power station in Trinidad.

In the Netherlands, Peree Bouwadvies has an impressive list of clients and projects as well. These include: European space centre ESA Estec, IKEA Utrecht and, closer to home, the underground bicycle parking near the Deventer train station.

Export ambition for the coming years:

Peree Bouwadvies expects to be able to grow especially in Africa in the coming years. Through the same consortium as in Angola, a tender for 50,000 homes in Ghana has been launched. Peree Bouwadvies also expects to be able to continue growing in Europe.

Export Countries

Germany | Great Britain | Angola | Aruba | Bonaire | Ghana | Rwanda | Trinidad | Ivory coast | Kenya | Ethiopia


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