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Production of Coatings

POL Coatings

Production of Coatings

Frank Pol was raised as the son of a painter, a trade that he incorporated in his studies (Chemistry) and later in his career. As a trained chemist, he saw plenty of standard water-based lacquers but few quality two-component water-based coatings. In 2018, he decided to develop his own coating together with other partners. Today, this initiative has grown into a manufacturing company specialising in dozens of different types of waterborne and solvent-free paints, lacquers and high-tech coatings.

Unique, sustainable coatings

The assortment offers various solutions for the treatment of wood, metal, plastic and mineral surfaces. Their main strength lies in the specialistic requirements and functioning of two-component water-based coatings. For instance, POL Coatings B.V. has developed a swimming pool coating that is perfectly resistant to damage caused by chlorine, acids and other materials. Or what about an anti-graffiti coating for the quick and easy removal of graffiti? Another unique product is the garage coating POL Coatings B.V. has developed whereby cars no longer leave behind tyre tracks in showrooms and garages. Each and every one of these is a unique product that cannot be found anywhere else.

Custom-made products

POL Coatings B.V.’s extensive technical expertise allows them to develop and supply custom-made products. POL Coatings B.V. helps find a solution and formulate and deliver a suitable coating system for every challenge. Almost all their products are supplied B2B under a private label. POL Coatings B.V. also helps their customers with designing and developing the labels and accompanying documentation. The possibilities are very varied in terms of packaging, whether it involves plastic packaging, tin packaging, or supplied two-component packaging. And packaging can vary from small individual sizes to wholesaler packaging.

Export to Europe

With their unique products, POL Coatings B.V. doesn’t only deliver in the Netherlands but in an increasing number of countries abroad. The hard pioneering work that has gone into developing an extensive water-based coating line is now paying off. The production is highly automated, allowing the company to scale up readily when needed. The specialised coatings sell well internationally. About 15% of revenues come from the export market. This is expected to grow rapidly in the future, particularly in Germany. Many paint wholesalers supply internationally. Besides direct export, indirect export also takes place. Existing customers regularly order their shipments to be sent to Eastern Europe and sometimes further abroad.

Export Countries

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