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Safety advisors

Pol Safety Veiligheidsadviseurs

Safety advisors

The owner and founder of Pol Safety Veiligheidsadivseurs B.V. is Heinz Pol. With his technical chemical education background, he held positions as an occupational health expert and as a certified senior safety expert at various companies. In 2006, he established his own company. With Pol Safety Veiligheidsadviseurs, Heinz focuses on explosion and machine safety at companies, and on the CE marking of machines and installations.

Pol Safety’s customers include manufacturing, machine construction, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry companies that closely work with volatile and flammable materials. They expect short lines of communication and a high level of specialised expertise. Being able to react quickly and adequately to questions is therefore essential. Pol Safety offers these services.

Expert in explosion safety

Regarding explosion safety and Atex regulations, Pol Safety supports companies with everything that has to do with creating a safe working environment. Furthermore, Pol Safety helps machine builders or engineering firms develop safe designs for new machines and installations (Atex 114 standard, previously Atex 95). This mostly happens at the drawing board so the measures that need to be taken in its construction are made clear at an early stage. Often this concerns custom-made machines or installations from customer specifications where the end-user is not directly involved with the engineering and design of the product. CE Marking

New machines and installations brought on the market within the EU need to have a CE marking. This is a mandatory mark that can only be applied once the product has shown to satisfy all relevant minimum essential safety and health requirements. Pol Safety also helps machine builders or engineering firms create safe designs for new machines and installations that meet these requirements. This often takes place at the drawing board but just as frequently in the context of product development and improvement. Pol Safety works with clients within the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands or outside the European Economic Area (EEA).


Since 2020, Pol Safety offers through its sister company, Hazcalc B.V., online software for evaluating the explosion safety conditions in work situations. Such a relatively simple and affordably-priced software package wasn’t available, and that’s why they developed this in-house solution together with other partners. The software is sold in license form across the world to other companies.

Export Countries

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