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self-developed subsiding urilift

Pop-up Toilet Company

self-developed subsiding urilift

Marco Schimmels had already been renting out mobile toilets for events for 10 years when, in 1999, the municipal Apeldoorn asked him about a permanent solution for the placing of mobile toilet units during the weekend in the entertainment area. The solution was the self-developed subsiding urilift, a unique concept by the Pop-up Toilet Company. It’s the only company in the world designing, building and supplying these types of systems, thanks to their patents.

International press

Marco Schimmel remembers the launch of the first urilift in Apeldoorn well: “Within two day all the national and international press covered it. I got tipped by someone to buy a Sunday Times. It turned out they devoted almost a whole page to our product and the Apeldoorn pilot. Since then things have been a rollercoaster.”

Integral concept

Pop-up Toilet Company supplied over 200 urilifts to municipals in-land and abroad. Besides urilifts they also supply other public toilet systems. The urilifts can be found in many different cities such as Koln, London, Genk, Belfast, Amsterdam, Goteborg, Perth and closer to home in Zutphen, Deventer and of course Apeldoorn. About 50% of revenue comes from abroad. This will grow strongly in the future, they expect. Orders come from many countries such as Canada, the USA, and the Middle-East.

Marco: ‘We investigate this thoroughly because we don’t just supply urinals, but we also take care of maintenance and cleaning. We can serve Europe from Apeldoorn. For further abroad we are looking for partners who are able to do this for us. As soon as they have gained our trust we can start taking new orders. We only do this when we can assure quality.’

Besides further growth in the urilifts and public toilets, Marco also expects a lot of growth in the events sector. The mobile toilets for this have been unchanged for almost 25 years now. Pop-up Toilet Company expects to launch a revolutionary new innovative product for this.

Pop-up Toilet Company expects fast growth for the future. To be prepared they will soon start building a new production facility spanning 2.000m2. Also they expect to expand the number of employees, which is now only a team of 10.

Export countries

Belgium | Switzerland | Sweden | Denmark | United Kingdom | Ireland | Australia.


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