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Harry Tielkes has worded in fashion his entire life. His love for the job has passed onto his four daughter. One daughter has her own store in Deventer. The eldest daughter Karin has moved to Portugal and has her own clothing company there. Since recently, Karin and Harry also have their own fashion production company: Portee Production Styling and Fashion.

Entire production

Karin Tielkes: “We organise and manage the entire production process, give advice and also help with the development and the styling. We know how it works and what we can and cannot do. From thread to end product and from order to delivery.

We do this for renowned fashion companies who have their own collection or for fashion stores who want to bring part of the collection onto the market under “own label”. It also happens that an individual entrepreneur is looking for a producer for their own design. That is how we have been producing for sports brand Mistral for years, but also for well-known fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester from Waregem, Belgium.”

Made in Europe

Portee produces for the middle and higher segment and stands for quality. European production close to home, no environmental pollution, no child labour and directly deliverable from the factory in short series from 250 pieces.

Portee has been doing this from the Netherlands to Portugal for decennia. Portugal is the centre of European textile. In the North Portuguese branch is a large conglomerate of several different production companies that each have their own specialism and often work complementary to each other’s production process. Portee knows how things work over there.

The future look bright. Increasingly more production goes to Portugal, especially from Turkey as well. Made in Europe is a quality mark customers are becoming more interested in.

Export Countries

Directly | Belgium

Indirectly | Russia | United States |
South Korea


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