Prodoc develops customised software. Software that support company processes, so the entrepreneur can focus on his core business: entrepreneurship.

Harry van Nyendaal founded his company in 1996. Prodoc builds automatization systems, including new customised systems but also adjusting existing systems and links between different systems.


Prodoc is specialised in solutions regarding AutoCAD. The customer base is very diverse. It varies from contractors, machine builders to international organisation. A good example is the work that Prodoc has done for Belgian company Stow International.


Stow International produces and builds storage and racking systems for pallets. With the increase of online purchases, warehouse racking systems are essential. Stow designs the interior of storage rooms of 25,000 m2 and larger with racks of 16 metres and higher. Prodoc has been able to help Stow write their software, in AutoCAD, to design the warehouse racking system. In the software program, a rack is dimensioned and checked for compliance with norms by the engineers. After approval, the drawings are used by Stow’s mechanics, so the racks can be installed for customers on-site.

Poultry Litter

Prodoc is also a partner for the automatization of the poultry sector. Complying with the many legal regulations for the transport of poultry litter has been analysed and automated. With this software program, the registration starts when the litter is loaded into the truck. There is a link with the database of the government in which the registration should take place. In the software, a ‘track-and-trace’ system has been built in for the trucks that transport the litter. In addition, the program processes laboratory results of the litter samples, and there is a link with the database of Bio Massa Centrale (Bio Mass Centre) in Moerdijk. Weighbridge information is automatically processed, so the invoice can be sent. Document management, a link with Exact and management reports are included. Thanks to the software developed by Prodoc, the entire chain can now be controlled. The great thing about the example described above is that this results in new applications for other customers. At the moment, Prodoc is automating route planning for several different production companies.

For a large taxi service, Prodoc has built an interactive system in which customers can register for rides themselves and communicate directly with the driver. This will prevent many phone calls and unnecessary waiting for customers.

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