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Music Production

Productiehuis De Nieuwe Oost

Music Production

Productiehuis De Nieuwe Oost (Production Company The New East) is a household name in the east of the Netherlands. The sky is the limit for the talent development of this production house from the east of the Netherlands. With Artez and the three ‘booming cities’ of Deventer, Arnhem and Nijmegen and the Ruhr area within arm’s reach, there is much potential for young talent.

Eve Hopkins, artistic director, has been active in the music and theatre world for years. Eve says: “With our large network, we are capable of supporting aspiring artists to make the first steps towards their professional careers. This could mean the publication of a new work to organising tours. We are a network organisations, and everything revolves around connecting and collaborating, so innovative projects can be created.
In Deventer, the collaboration with young talents who make their entrance is intensified in the Burgerweeshuis. That is how a cycle of talent development within the region is created.”

Curators Pop Music
De Nieuwe Oost has been employing two curators for pop music who are going to scout and coach bands from April 2018. Rocco Hueting (from Nijmegen) is the keyboard player and guitarist of rock band De Staat. After four albums, an EP, a world famous music video for their song Witch Doctor, success abroad and shows with The Rolling Stones and Muse, this band may call itself one of the biggest rock bands of the Netherlands. Therefore, Rocco knows how the industry works, and he knows from experience what could go wrong or right with pop music. Rocco: “As a production company, you can give an act or band the space and time they need to experiment and to make other choices than they would make if they were part of a fast-paced system. After all, everything goes fast in the world of pop music.”

Junte Uiterwijk focuses more on the support of hip hop and urban artists. The rapper is better known as Sticks, the frontman of the legendary hip hop act Opgezwolle from Zwolle, and known for his collaborations with artists such as Rico and Typhoon. The collaboration with De Nieuwe Oost offers many opportunities. “I think that young talent especially need someone who sticks up for them. As an artist, you can get lost in all the releases, shows and business obligations. The power of saying “no” is important.”

De Nieuwe Oost: Unique and qualitative, an unstoppable energy.

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