Programic is a young IT-company founded in 2017 that has over 14 years of experience in its sector. Programic’s mission it to connect companies online with their target groups and to build tools that can make company processes easier and more efficient. Instead of putting the technical side first, the users comes first, or, in other words, the customer of the customer. This approach works. The company is growing fast and currently has 6 employees.

Combination business development and customised software

The products with which Programic creates added value for its customers are websites, web shops, customised business software and mobile app development. For all projects, Programic uses the newest technology to make sure that their customers will be and will remain market leaders. “Our power is that we learn everything about our customers’ businesses in order to use smart technology to develop your business,” says co-owner Bram van Dam.

Programic’s customers and jobs are very diverse. They serve local entrepreneurs from Deventer to develop websites and several different international organisations with complex internal applications. Recently finished projects include an app for chronically sick children that supports them in difficult times, a dating platform with a smart algorithm that matches people based on common interests, a web shop with configurator to put together your own electrical scooter with visuals and an educational platform for higher educational institutions to be able to better document, archive and share their curriculum with colleagues. “The diversity of our clients and jobs makes our job challenging every day. We keep learning from our customers every day.”


Programic’s very first export took place thanks to a large company in Deventer that has locations in, among other countries, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and Austria. Several different systems, such as track-and-trace, supply management and analysis software that Programic developed for the Dutch market are now being used by locations in Germany and Belgium.

Remco Wolvenne and Bram van Dam are enthusiastic about their company’s growth. “Customers notice that we put hem first instead of technology. We invest a lot in customer relations and that pays off in terms of trust. It is nice to see that foreign companies are becoming interested in software that we have developed for Dutch customers. We see more opportunities here for the future.” It is expected that Programic will continue to grow fast during the coming years at their location on Innovation Campus the Gasfabriek in Deventer.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Sint-Maarten


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