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Advertising Printed Cups


Advertising Printed Cups

In 2011, Maarten van Polen founded his company Promotiebeker (Promotion Cup). He found a gap in the market for the printing of cardboard and plastic cups. Standard cups with the logo of the supplier of the coffee were delivered in great number. Wouldn’t it be better to have your own logo or your own house style printed on your coffee cups, so you can use them for all kinds of promotion purposes? Promotiebeker has realised this and offers printed cups from 50 pieces in several sizes.


Every year, Promotiebeker delivers around 10 million cups to its customers. These cups vary in shape and size. This concerns cardboard or plastic coffee cups with and without lockable lid in several different sizes. Promotiebeker also delivers plastic cups for beer, soda and wine in several different sizes. Maarten: “In the summer, there are many festivals. That is a busy time for us, in which we produce many printed cups with names and logos of sponsors or suppliers.”

Need for recycling

Recently, circular entrepreneurship has been getting increasingly more attention. Promotiebeker collects used coffee cups with their project the BekerVriend (CupFriend) for its customers. “We make sure the products do not end up in the trash. Through our specialised partners, the cups are being recycled. Our return service responds to a growing need. An increasing number of our customers happily make use of it.”


The export arose through Dutch customers. They often work internationally, and that is how the first cups by Promotiebeker were indirectly delivered abroad. In recent years, increasingly more parties from surrounding countries contact Promotiebeker. This export is only the beginning. Through online sales, the export can grow further. In addition to drinking cups, Promotiebeker is now also involved in the printing of cardboard cups for snacks and snack fruit. There are also plenty of opportunities for further growth of the company here.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France


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