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Ergonomic mats

Pro(t)Action Products

Ergonomic mats

Over 36% of all employees in the industrial sector regularly have to carry out standing work for more than two hours at a stretch. After about an hour, the calf muscles pump insufficient blood towards the heart. The blood can’t go anywhere, leading to conditions such as varicose veins, joint pain and back and neck pain. This got Arne Pruijt thinking about finding solutions to this problem. He found his answer in Scandinavia, where employees stood on ergonomic mats that stimulate the blood flow, resulting in fewer complaints, contented employees and reduced absenteeism. That’s why in 1993, he started to import these mats to market them in the Benelux, mainly in the Netherlands.

Pioneering work

The mats were new in the Netherlands at the time, and after carrying out the pioneering work in the early years, Pro(t)Action now has a solid customer base. Besides the industrial sector, the hotel and catering and retail industries and sorting centres also involve lots of standing work. The assortment currently consists of over 30 types of mats that can be supplied for all sorts of applications in various colours and sizes. From mats measuring 35 metres in length to circular mats. And from autoclave-resistant to ESD mats. The secret of the mats lies in the many types of air bubbles that are incorporated into the mats. These force the body to constantly correct itself in tiny movements to keep its balance. This stimulates the calf muscles, which make sure the blood is circulated back to the heart.

Other flooring solutions and ergonomic aids

Besides ergonomic mats, other flooring solutions are also offered. Examples include adhesive materials for floor marking, signage and pictograms, reflective material, anti-slip taping, and anti-slip matting and coatings. Specific solutions are available for every surface and work situation. The third product group consists of work chairs, standing aids, the Ergostep and height-adjustable work benches.

Over the years, the business has developed an extensive network of satisfied users, referrers and distributors through word of mouth advertising; companies increasingly know where to find Pro(t)Action. The high online visibility of their own website,, and the and webshops provide steady customer growth. The added value of ergonomic products is proven by testing experiences in the workplace. Once they’ve tried the products, employees discover they don’t want to work without them!

The future: increased assortment

The assortment continues to grow. The latest product group to join the range is the anti-slip strips used in hard-wood decks and patios. Wood surfaces often become very slippery when it rains, and the anti-slip strips prevent people from falling. New markets have been accessed for this product.

Export Countries

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