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Advice-giving volunteer network


Advice-giving volunteer network

As part of VNO-NCW, PUM is an international network in which volunteers with experience in entrepreneurship can share their knowledge with (starting) entrepreneurs in developing countries. From the Netherlands there are about 2.000 volunteers in this network.

Matchmaking volunteer placements

PUM has built networks in the currently 31 selected countries which ensure a continuous flow of orders, mostly through the 150 representatives in the countries. These projects are assessed, after which it is checked which consultant best suits the assignment. Shortly afterwards the travel takes place. On average such missions take two weeks. In those two weeks the volunteer carries out research, consults with the requestor and determines what is needed to make the assignment a success. Despite the fact that volunteers are sent to a certain country, this is not noncommittal. Quality requirements are set for the advisers and each assignment is evaluated with the commissioning organization, in which the volunteer will also be assessed.

Tourism advice

One of these volunteers is Rudi ter Heide. Rudi has proven himself in the tourism sector. His last position was as VVV-director at VVV Veluwe. His experience in this area is now being used to help start up tourism in developing countries. Rudi: “The assignments are very diverse. It is possible that a local government gives the assignment. For example, I spent two weeks on a remote tropical island in the Philippines, together with the mayor, to talk about how to improve the tourist offer by a better collaboration. I also visited Indonesia, Uganda and Sudan and it is almost always about more guests. My last jobs were in Armenia, where I helped several travel agencies to optimize their travel offer and marketing”.

During my career I have given advice in various countries. As an Eastern Bloc specialist for example I have been several times in the province of Lublin in southeast Poland, with which Gelderland has a cooperation agreement. Here recreational facilities have been laid out and even a ferry from Gelderland has been transferred. In this province lies former extermination camp Sobibor where Gelderland has done a lot to make this a worthy memorial place.

Rudi sees big chances for PUM in Africa. For this continent there is growing interest and tourism grows. South-Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are popular touristic destinations already. Many other countries can benefit from this.




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