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Pure Africa


In 2012, Ando Tuininga and Justus Bijlsma founded their company Pure Africa Coffee. Pure Africa sells quality coffee from three African countries: Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. Although nearly all Dutch people drink coffee from South America, both entrepreneurs opt for coffee from countries where the coffee bean originates from because that coffee has a slightly milder taste.

The coffee brands of Pure Africa have names such as Fierce Warrior, Mountain King, Wild & Tough and Popular Friend. These names indicate what you can expect of the taste. Ando: “We supply many offices that consciously choose quality coffee for their guests an employees. There are about 250 of them spread over the entire country. We aim to increase the number of customers to 1,000 before 2020. In addition, we also have a showroom in Deventer, where we can advise consumers about coffee machines by Swiss brand Jura.”

MVO concept
In addition to trading African coffee, Pure Africa’s MVO concept also stands out. For every sold kilo of coffee, 1 euro goes to micro credits in the countries where Pure Africa imports the coffee from. What is remarkable is that Pure Arica has set up this project entirely independently with a local African bank. The interest rates are therefore not the usual 25%, but merely 6%. 40 entrepreneurs have a Pure Africa financing at the moment. 80% of them are coffee farmers that want to expand and professionalise their plantations. All repayments are invested in return, so a revolving fund has been created.

Locally in Deventer, Pure Africa has initiated the ‘Deventer coffee residue’-project to collect the coffee waste of 30 companies. In 2018, a local entrepreneur will start an oyster mushroom nursery on the basis of coffee residue.

On the basis of the MVO-results, Pure Africa was named Deventer MVO-business of the year in 2017.

Coffee Shop
Rwanda A special new project has been the start of a coffee shop in Kigali, Rwanda. Together with a local partner, a catering business including a large terrace will be opened at a good location in 2018. It is expected to do well. In case of success, the goal is to open more coffee shops in this region.

Growth abroad
Belgium has been an export country for some time now. In addition to growth in the Netherlands, Pure Africa also wants to grow in Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Export Countries

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