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Coaching company


Coaching company

After working for several years in the mental healthcare sector and having held several management and staff positions in the corporate world, Bert-Jan van der Mieden set up his own agency in 1992 in Apeldoorn, Pyramide. Since then, he has enabled individuals, teams and organisations to flourish through his guidance and helped them to realise their visions and goals. He is the founding father of the awakening psychology and awakening management approaches and of Ennism, the philosophy of connection.

Training, coaching and courses

Bert-Jan developed the concepts of life director, team director and organisational director. Through Pyramide, he implements these in organisations from all social disciplines. This direction focuses on three pillars: trust, harmony and vitality, where trust is a condition for harmony, and vitality cannot exist without the first two pillars. This Pyramid approach provides an ideal balance between life, home and work life, and optimal teamwork between all stakeholders to achieve the best results in the desired timeframe. By putting people first, an effective, efficient and flexible organisation is realised.

Management books

Van der Mieden is the author of the standard work ‘De mens in de 21e eeuw’ (Man in the 21st century). In 2015, he published his book ‘Eenheid in verscheidenheid’ (Unity in diversity), followed by the publication of ‘Perspectiefvol leiderschap. Management in de 21e eeuw’ (Perspective-oriented leadership: Management in the 21st century) in 2020. This most recent work is a novel, textbook, educational text, and reference book in one, with a workbook, audio material and 49 interviews with leaders and managers from all corners of civil society. This forms the basis for his courses, training, workshops and listening and directing sessions. Bert-Jan van der Mieden also performs as a public speaker and a pianist both nationally and internationally, in and for organisations and their relations.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2005, he founded the Stichting Globaliseringscentrum (Globalisation Centre Foundation), where he commits himself to the realisation of human and children’s rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to establish globalisation centres across the globe to promote optimal prosperity and well-being for everyone. He consults with and guides organisations to make a societal impact and practice true globalisation and contribute to combating the various global crises facing our world today.

He is also the founder of the PyramideRegieNetwerk, a network where leaders and managers from all social disciplines are invited to participate.

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