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Engineering Firm

RBK Group

Engineering Firm

RBK Group has been a household name in the food industry for nearly 40 years. RBK Group delivers products that enhance performance in the environmental area, business development, logistic production facilities, automation and process control in the food industry. RBK Group works from the head office in Deventer with more than 60 professionals.

RBK Group operates within the entire food industry and has divided its activities into ‘Food Projects’ and ‘Automation’. Every year, Food Projects develops 10 to 15 projects in which strategic improvements and sustainability are used to achieve a competitive advantage for the food company. This varies from making the production lines more sustainable to the establishment of completely new factories. 60% of this revenue comes from abroad.

Within the ‘Automation’ area, software is developed for the monitoring and tracing of the goods flow. The changing market and the consumer demand for products that are sustainable and traceable to their place of origin has led to the development of RBK’s Supply Chain Management software.

With RBK softwares FOBIS® and FOPRO®, the consumer of a packaged piece of meat in the supermarket can trace precisely when the meat was processed in the slaughterhouse. It’s also possible to trace the farm where the animal came from, and what kind of food it ate. This is absolutely unique in the world.


RBK Group has established several slaughterhouses in Russia. The last one has just been delivered in Tambov. This is the most energy neutral slaughterhouse in Russia, and even has the European level of high quality. The first meat processing company without a supply of gas has been built for Van Loon Vlees located in Son. In the area of energy conservation the company has received a five star rating from the BREAAM-NL system. This is unique, and one of the reasons industry specialists from all over the world go for a working visit to Son!

The future shows steady growth for the RBK Group. It has an excellent reputation within the industry. Several clients are building new factories abroad and RBK group is following their clients in this process. Further growth in Africa is one of the goals to achieve the coming year. In the Netherlands, there are also big opportunities for RBK to make producing without gas possible.

In addition, RBK is working on a new and innovative cooling concept. Cooling causes meat products to dry slightly. The new concept will prevent this.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Hungary | Croatia | Lithuania | Romania | Russia | Egypt | Kuwait | Ukraine | Sudan | Ethiopia | Liberia | Nigeria | Iran | Turkey



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