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Marketing Agency

Red Star

Marketing Agency

Red Star Business Development (RSBD) focuses on exports, business development, advocacy, consultant services and assistance to Dutch organizations in Eastern Europe. Red Star was founded in 2011 by the Russian-Dutch businesswoman Irina Mikhailova. In recent years, Red Star has become a national agency. Red Star has executed and performed a variety of tasks for many Dutch companies, organizations and institutions such as the Ministry of Defence, Bruynzeel-Sakura, Lely Industries, Dutch Poultry Centre and Royal Talens.

The agency specializes in market research, matchmaking, marketing and sales management, organizing trade missions and business events, business improvement, language services and advice on exports to Eastern Europe. The mission of Red Star is to create, expand and ensure fruitful business relations between Western and Eastern Europe.

In 2015, Red Star was approached by a group of Russian investors, asking to visit Dutch amusement parks and organize a meeting with the owner. Russian investors are interested to build a slimmed down version of the Efteling near Moscow. Red Star made arrangements and after the visit, Red Star was awarded a contract to lead the Dutch-Russian project regarding the realization of the amusement park. The tasks that were performed are among others: a selection of European suppliers for the attractions and required equipment for the park; joint development of the infrastructure of the park; development of the marketing plan for the park. The first component -the Fairytale Forest- has been successfully realized. And the moving fairy tale characters in the forest feature the voice of the founder of Red Star – Irina Mikhailova. Indeed, a real “fairy tale project” for Red Star!

The focus lies on doing business in Eastern Europe. To improve the accessibility of the Eastern markets, Red Star has now opened a second office in Amsterdam. In addition, Red Star is actively establishing business contacts in the Middle East and China.

Export Countries

Latvia | Lithuania | Armenia | Azerbaijan | Georgia | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Moldova | Ukraine | Uzbekistan | Russia | Tajikistan | Turkmenistan | Belarus


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