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River Trips

The Eureka shipping company is a leading player in day river cruises. It arranges day trips for company and private occasions in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, accommodating up to 600 passengers on its modern vessels. Hospitality, quality and flexibility are the corner stones of Eureka’s customer service.

The fleet

Eureka has a fleet of three modern cruise ships. The two largest, River Dream and Eureka, have two decks and can each welcome aboard up to 600 guests. The third vessel, Carpe Diem, can cater for up to 50 passengers. The ships are moored in the home port of Deventer but there are more than 20 embarkation points in he Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. All three vessels have a kitchen and can offer a variety of on-board catering options, from warm snacks, to a standing buffet, to a three-course dinner.

Company outings, customer seminar or staff parties?

Until fairly recently the market for day cruises was dominated by excursions organised by the Red Cross or similar organisations, for people who needed a break. This is changing. Now company get-togethers, dance parties and cruises to the huge firework displays in large German cities dominate the programme.

Anything can be organised on board and the ships can be adapted to suit any occasion. Communication and sound systems are available and tables and chairs can be re-arranged to suit any setup. For a celebration to mark 60 Years of Ferrari Netherlands, their top cars, including a Formula 1 Ferrari racing car, were on display on board. For large events such as Sail Amsterdam and the four-day walking event in Nijmegen the ship is moored at the quayside as a party ship.

With the extensive catering facilities on board every occasion is a success. The fun begins the moment people set foot on board and it just gets better. The world looks a lot more beautiful from the water.


About two-thirds of trade these days comes from Germany. The modern fleet, the customer service and the creative collaboration with the client means Germans are keen to sign up for a day trip, dance party or business event. Eureka has an office in Dusseldorf, especially for German clients.

While the German market is important and continues to grow, the Dutch business market is increasingly coming on board.

Export Countries

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