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The world of fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk for quilts and patchwork. Maarten JC Amse purchased Rhinetex BV in 2004. Maarten and his wife Irene Amse have experienced enormous growth of their company during the past twelve years. Rhinetex serves a market segment of over 1700 retailers in quilts in Europe. In 2017, the company moved to Deventer.

Amse: “Making quilts is an activity that is mostly done by well-educated people. It requires the necessary discipline and maths to make the right calculations before making a quilt. In general, it takes a year to make a quilt.” Originally an English activity that was mainly done by women. A quilt was usually a gift for weddings or the birth of a child. During the past years, many men have started with this quilt(y) pleasure and have made the most amazing tapestries. Making a quilt takes about a year.


The building has three floors. In addition to offices, there is a large room with the supply of beautiful fabrics. And a room in which symposia and workshops are being held. A showroom in which different ‘lifestyle settings’ have been decorated. Irene Amse and Marco Aarnink (business partner Rhintex since 2017) bring the ‘lifestyle fabrics’ on the market together. This is a beautiful opportunity for the company to expand.

Exclusive prints

Rhinetex delivers designs by renowned quilt designers. Four times a year, 20 new collections are released. A collection can consist of 40 different fabrics and prints. The retailers can order a collection. When there is enough demand for a collection, it will be printed. A tight planning and an excellent sales team create effective communication with customers. The fabrics are printed and (possibly) cut in South Korea and imported to be distributed all over Europe from Deventer. The lead time from printing to delivery in the store takes two months.

Maarten Amse is now considering the possibilities to print the fabrics in Deventer. That is a ‘boost’ for the company, and will mean a new life for Deventer’s history of fabric printing (by Ankersmit, for example). Rhinetex: Lifestyle fabrics for quilts, patchwork and many other hobbies.

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