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Ribbink’s specialiteitenbakkerij

specialty bakery

Artisanal, biological biscuit
Demand for biscuit at Van de Wal-Jolink bakery at one point got so big, that the son, the company director, did his graduation research on this topic, with the goal of researching the market for a specialty bakery. This seemed the case and that’s how the foundation was built for Ribbink’s specialty bakery. The company is based in Apeldoorn-Noord since 2010 and focusses on production of artisanal and biological biscuits. The company got his biological SKAL certification. Ribbink hugely expanded the assortment since 2014. Next to biscuits they also produce cookies, knäckebrod, toast, crackers, muesli and granola. Everything together counts for a revenue of almost a million euro per year., which is taken care of by a total of nine employees.

Among Ribbink’s clients is PLUS, sadly only until the end of this year, after that they will switch to a different supplier. The departing of PLUS shows how difficult things are, working for big shopping companies, you can hardly make a living out of this as a supplier.

PLUS’s loss is compensated more than enough thanks to the arrival of a European airline. Starting this year Ribbink will be producing 2 million biscuits per year for this airline. Thanks to this, Ribbink now has 2 airlines as customer, because they already supplied to the KLM before this new European airline. In that regard, that is where the export chances are for Ribbink in the next few years. There exists a wholesaler who does the supplies for 16 airlines and Ribbink contacted them. Ribbink still produces 90-95% for the Dutch market, but the goal, also due to the airlines, for the next few years is to change that and shift the ratio to 50/50%. Besides airlines, products get exported to Belgium, Germany and Sweden through biological wholesaler Natudis. The demand for biological products is big mainly in South-Germany, Ribbink expects a lot of growth options for the next few years.

Export countries

Belgium | Germany | Sweden


Ribbink’s specialiteitenbakkerij | Mark Ribbink