The Riëd B.V family business is a fast-growing, internationally operating developer, producer, supplier and trainer in one. In short: a full-service solution for every thinkable professional adhesive challenge for automotive and industrial manufacturing applications in sectors such as the automotive, aerospace and windmill industries. With customers in more than 105 countries worldwide, Riëd B.V. has grown into one of the leading global professional and structural adhesives suppliers to the B2B market under their own label. With all its potential and expertise, and just 21 employees, this family business can be compared with a miniature multinational. And the next generation stands ready to take over the company.

How did it all start?

Eddie Roosnek had, through his earlier positions, acquired connections in the adhesive world; the chemicals market was not new to him, and that’s why he set up his own business in 2004. He started purchasing adhesives and associated products via America. He soon needed extra space and moved to Twello. There was a considerable demand for adhesives, and so Riëd started to develop, produce and fill its own products. Today, Riëd has a state-of-the-art lab and the latest filling lines and reactors for delivering quality, innovative adhesive products. The demand for adhesives is expected to grow further because, in many cases, adhesives are stronger than working with bolts and nuts.

In mid-2021, Riëd launched a unique two-component adhesive on the market perfectly in line with the company’s aim to provide sustainable solutions. This product is expected to be available in more than 100 countries by early 2022. Riëd B.V. feels that innovation and sustainability are fundamental corporate values. One such example is the development of the smallest mixing nozzle in the world, used to thoroughly combine the two components. This highly promising patented solution will significantly decrease the amount of wasted adhesive. Moreover, most of their products today are sold in bags that are mostly made from glucose.

High-quality adhesives must be tested beforehand. The testing of new adhesives takes place in ageing machines and climate chambers to see how products behave over time and under certain conditions.

It’s all about people. Otherwise, the business wouldn’t stand a chance, according to Eddie. Great ideas and a fantastic team are essential for success, and a team effort is critical in making things happen.

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