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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Rodomach Speciaalmachines from Deventer was founded in 1997 and has developed into an innovative machine builder that focuses on developing, building and delivering special machines and robotised welding and handling installations. The company has knowledge and expertise regarding nearly all welding processes in-house.

Rodomach’s team of 30 takes care of the entire trajectory of concept development and complete mechanical/electrical engineering from the construction to the instalment of the machines, for several different customers. The team of developers is constantly looking for the best technical solutions for production problems to be able to support their customers’ business case as good as possible. Projects can vary from specially developed manipulators for flame spray applications, standard arch and spot welding cells with clamping moulds for the production of car seats to the laser welding of design radiators and diamond drills. Building and innovating specials is in the company’s genes.

Rodomach is a typical “Engineering To Order” (ETO) business. This means that many installations are innovative and strongly depend on the customer and the project, where an optimum coordination between the Rodomach’s experts and the customer is essential. “The delivery of process reliable installations with a pre-determined product/process quality and performance is our challenge,” says Doornebosch.

A good example of a customer specific project is the development and delivery of a robot installations to the well-known Dutch ladder manufacturer Altrex. With this 76 metres (!) long installation, equipped with 6 welding robots and 15 welding stations, Rodomach has delivered a customer specific installation with which their customer can now produce in a more efficient, more flexible and cheaper way. The developed installation concept results in obvious strategic advantages for the customer.

In recent years, Rodomach has fulfilled projects for automotive and non-automotive customers in and outside Europe. The company is experiencing a healthy and strong growth. For the coming years, it is important to be able to keep serving customers in the best way they can and to keep realising the desired growth.

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