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Bicycle Parts


Bicycle Parts

In 2007, Erik Leemkuil founded his own company called Rosirr. Erik was active in the bike sector and discovered that many people who suffered from saddle pain were not being helped properly. After a driven search for a solution, Erik found two American saddle producers that were fully specialised in health saddles. The Benelux was still free in terms of agency, and Erik founded Rosirr in order to start selling these saddles.

Market forces because of medical sector

In the beginning, Rosiir focused on health saddles. Currently, around 120 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium sell health saddles. Erik opts for a special market approach. “We have approached many medical specialists such as urologists and stoma specialists with our assortment. They believed in the workings of our saddles and now actively refer consumers to the stores where we deliver the saddles to.” This is an excellent strategy. In ten years, sales have increased so rapidly that the American suppliers have now also granted Rosiir the German agency. The first ten German stores have already become customers.

Because Rosiir’s assortment mainly consists of niche products, they deliver to both retail and consumers, in the Netherlands as well as the surrounding countries. These include mostly traditional cycling countries, such as Italy and France, but incidentally also the Far East.

Wide assortment

Now, Rosiir’s assortment has been expanded with mainly niche triathlon-minded high end products, such as oval gears, capacity meters (tool for training of cyclists) and brake systems. A condition for inclusion into the assortment is that is must be a product with a ‘good story’. The product must have clear UPS (Unique Selling Points).

Ambition for the future

Erik expects that the 100% growth of the past 18 months will also be achievable in the future. For the Benelux, duplication of sales is possible by increasing the number of sales points and additional sales because of expansion of the assortment. Erik expects to achieve the most significant growth in Germany. Just like on the Dutch market, he will also approach medical specialists there to actively refer to German stores with Rosiir’s assortment. This will go hand in hand with an online marketing campaign. The personnel has been expanded to five employees in order to be ready for the expected growth.

Export Countries

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