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Ingredients for the food industry


Ingredients for the food industry

The Ruitenberg family business has its roots in Amersfoort, where founder Willem Ruitenberg started out with a wholesale business in potato starch. Over the years, the company expanded rapidly, and after relocating a couple of times in Amersfoort, Ruitenberg moved to Twello in 2003. Today, Ruitenberg is a family business with 90 highly dedicated professionals, specialising as an innovative international developer and producer of ingredients for the foodstuff industry.

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a pioneer in finding creative and innovative solutions. What makes Ruitenberg unique is that this is where ideas, ingredients and processes come together. These three pillars form the basis for the successful development of functional concepts and applications. During this process, the company works closely with the customer. This collaboration goes beyond just advising customers about the product ingredients and textures. Ruitenberg also takes the production of the designed and developed products out of their hands. In Twello, Ruitenberg has various machine lines for the actual testing of the new product production process. This also makes Ruitenberg unique in the market.

Innovation as the main ingredient

The company’s customers can be found in the baked goods, meat and convenience foods sector. An extensive and in-depth assortment of products and concepts has been developed for them. Examples include sweet and savoury fillings, dough concepts, egg replacements, alginate applications, structured plant-based proteins, liquid smoke, 2D food printing and ingredients for liquorice and sweets. Almost three-quarters of the revenue comes from abroad.

One of the latest innovations is Rudin®ProVega, a unique protein structure that can be used as a meat replacement. The juiciness, bite and texture are almost indistinguishable from meat products. The proteins can stem from plant-based (soy, field beans) and animal (egg, whey) sources.

Another well-known product is Rudin®VegaCasing. It’s an alternative for natural gut, collagen or cellulose products. The annual production amounts to a couple of million kilo’s and is supplied across the entire globe. Ruitenberg leads the way in producing customised meat and vegetarian sausages through various co-extrusion systems.

Moreover, Ruitenberg has an ‘edible ink’, called Rudin®Jet, that can be used to print logos on foods.

The company expects to grow significantly in the coming years. This is not a conscious goal but more as a result of absolute customer focus.

Export Countries

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