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Thom van der Wiel’s love for the Saab automotive brand developed at an early age. In 1977, he accompanied his father as a small child to the garage to buy a Saab. His father has never driven in anything else since, and his love for Saab was instantly passed on to Thom. His first car was – of course – a Saab. He started to research the car brand and also carried out his own maintenance. He became pretty good at doing so and developed an international network of fellow Saab enthusiasts. Through this network, he was increasingly asked to carry out maintenance and supply parts for other Saab enthusiasts. This grew into such a success that he turned his hobby into a career in 2007.

Unique brand

The Swedish automotive manufacturer Saab stopped manufacturing cars in 2012. However, the brand is still alive and well, thanks to this unique brand’s large fan base. The Saab is famed for its perfectly streamlined form, reliability, stability on the road and safety. In the early years, primarily doctors, lawyers and professors drove a Saab. The group that now drives a Saab has become younger and more diverse.

Technical high quality

SaabWorld is a household name in the Netherlands and beyond. Saab enthusiasts from all across the Netherlands, and sometimes further afield, have their maintenance carried out at SaabWorld. They have a high level of expertise, as well as the most extensive assortment of parts in the country. That’s why increasing numbers of Saab owners and fellow garages from across Europe and beyond order their parts at SaabWorld. Thom: ‘Not a day goes by that I’m not involved with an international customer. I recently got a phone call from Suriname asking if we could ship certain parts.’ In the showroom, Saabs of all ages are available for sale. SaabWorld also imports Saabs from countries where Saab continues to be popular, such as Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Eye-catching curiosities

Repairs are carried out on the spacious work floor to make the imported Saab suitable for sale. This varies from MOT testing to restoration, revision and tuning. What isn’t for sale are a few highly specialised curiosities belonging to Thom himself, such as a Saab delivery van with six wheels, the Saab camper or the Saab pickup truck. After seeing these eye-catchers, Thom and his team’s expertise is never called into question.

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