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Salland Storage

Self Storage

In 2006, Salland Storage was founded by brothers Jan-Hein and Maarten Streppel. Initially as side job and since 2012 as main income. On the Duurstedeweg in Deventer, they focus on spaces for rent for both individuals and entrepreneurs. In addition to the location in Deventer, Salland Storage also has satellite branches in Twello and Wijhe.


When people want to store their belongings, they have to move everything around up to four times. From their home to the trailer/van, then unpacking at the storage box and after the storage period back the same way. The Streppel brothers thought this could be done more efficiently. As a solution, they came up with the StowBox.

The StowBox is a storage box that can be placed on a trailer. The customer, with normal driving license and car with tow hook, picks up the trailer with StowBox, packs all his belongings at the front door of their house and then brings the StowBox to one of the three locations of Salland Storage. There, a forklift will lift the StowBox from the trailer and put these in the heated and secured storage hall.

The Streppel brothers have created, developed and built many StowBoxes themselves. The StowBox has a content of 13 m3 and is particularly meant for household contents. In general, most individual renters need 1 to 2 boxes. On Salland Storage’s website, there is an online tool with which you can enter the sizes of the household goods and drag these to the StowBox. That way, you can easily see how many you will need. They are now working on a new StowBox that is lighter and will therefore be able to store more contents. This is supposed to be built in collaboration with the Sallcon.

In the Netherlands, Salland Storage is looking for new distribution points. Maarten Streppel: “We are looking for companies on user friendly locations who have some space left and a forklift on site. We can then place StowBoxes there. We think that every city with over 50,000 inhabitants needs the StowBox concept.”

In addition to growth in the Netherlands, Salland Storage is also looking across the border to Germany. In our neighbouring country, storage possibilities are still very scarce. Negotiations with parties in Munster and Osnabruck are in process. In addition, the company is working on permanent versions of the StowBox for long-term outdoor use.

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