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Yoga company


Yoga company

Samarali is a yoga and lifestyle company founded in the Netherlands in 2019.
We focus on eco-friendly yoga and lifestyle products made from cork, organic cotton and other sustainable materials. At this moment we have a big variety of yoga and meditation products and we are constantly expanding our product portfolio, all the while including our Central-Asian heritage.
Shipping internationally, our packaging is free from plastics and we continuously optimize our shipping to make the overall process more sustainable and environmentally friendly. At the same time, we keep our standards of quality and durability very high, to provide excellent value for money.
Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers, pursuing business through innovation, sustainability, and transparency.
Yoga students and teachers enjoy products, specifically mentioning the offered comfort and resilience. As a result, we are always actively looking for partnership opportunities with stores, yoga studios, fitness clubs, distributors, wholesalers, and companies who would like to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to their company employees. At this moment in time, we have partnered up with 6 Dutch retailers and over 15 yoga studios and fitness clubs in the Netherlands.
Part of our profits will be invested in support of orphans from Uzbekistan to have a better life and education. After all, apart from our planet, children are our future!

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