Saxofoon Winkel


The Saxophone store on the Grote Kerkhof in Deventer is famous because of the expertise and specialism of HansJan van der Deurne, Paul Kortenhorst and Willem Alink, who have developed a special passion for the saxophone. HansJan and Paul have been working in this profession for over thirty years. Willem has been around a little shorter and is the only one who plays the saxophone.

Saxophone paradise
The shop consists of three floors, with new and old saxophones, clarinets and flutes on display. Instruments that are being played with a wooden reed. In addition, over 500 types of mouthpieces, many reeds and other accessories. On the floors, there are studios, so customers can play and test the instruments.

Precision work!
Their workplace has many in common with that of a goldsmith. This is not so strange, as there are many similarities. Repairs are done for professionals and for several ‘amateur players’ in fanfares and harmonies. The testing and repairing of the instruments is precision work. An intensive daily task for all three gentlemen. They examine the instruments for hairline cracks in the neck, body, cup and curve. They check the closing of the keys and set the axes. An essential tool to be able to control the instrument fully is a small TL-tube, a light beam, so the checks and repairs can be done with the utmost precision.

Their passion for their job is expressed in the way they treat the instruments, but also in how they want to help aspiring saxophone players. In addition to selling, many instruments are rented. That way, a student can decide whether the instrument fits him/her. In the late nineties, many old saxophones were imported from America. These instruments are revised and sold in their authentic boxes. They are saxophones with a special timbre, which can be heard, also by less experienced listeners.

Export Countries

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