Production / Distribution of Plastics


Production / Distribution of Plastics

Schiphorst Transport and Storage Engineering B.V. offers logistics solutions in plastics. It is active as a producer and distributor in the Benelux and its products are marketed in many forms. Schiphorst is part of the Bekuplast Group in Ringe (Germany).

In 1960, Schiphorst started as a family business to produce plastic bins for fish traders. However, time pointed out that there were more possibilities. Thus, the development, production and distribution of plastic containers, pallets and pallet boxes began. The wide and deep range is suitable for the food and non-food sector, which could also provide for specific product requirements of the customer. In 2002, the family business was sold to firm Bekuplast GmbH, a German company which is also a family business. As a result, the specific character and appearance of Schiphorst has been preserved.

“The structure of the organisation is flat. This results in the advantage that we are able to focus on the needs of the customer”, says Sales Manager Benelux Hans Noesel. Orders are increasingly processed through the internet. The website and web shop are updated daily, so our customers can be served optimally.”

Schiphorst mainly focuses on B2B customers, including both SMEs and multinationals. The company features adequate facilities for storage of bulk and customer stock. In addition, printing and assembly activities are also carried out at the plant. The production of the bins takes place at parent company Bekuplast in Germany.

Export Countries from Deventer

Belgium | Luxembourg

| The other countries run through the parent company Bekuplast GmbH in Germany


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