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Scholten Panelen

Panel constructor

Scholten Panelen Laagspanningssystemen (SPL) started in 1982 and since then grew into one of the biggest panel constructors of the Netherlands with 34 employees. We are talking about electrical- and pneumatic switch- and control boards, power distribution cabinets and specialty builds. 200 to 250 projects are executed on a yearly basis. This varies between delivery of a relatively simple controller and complex systems with high power and varying high demand specifications.

Knowhow in diversity

Managing director Arna Garssen thinks SPL is at its best for the demanding industry. Garssen: “We gained a huge amount of know-how for numerous sectors by specializing in panel construction. Our efficiency and short delivery times combined is what make SPL unique”.
Our clientele is very diverse. This varies between offshore to machine builders, foods industry, energy companies and shipping

Remarkable projects

SPL has done various unique projects in the Netherlands. All attractions of Walibi are controlled by SPL cabinets. Another big project was the replacement of all switchboards in the Haringvlietdam and the Volkerak sluices but also the Stormvloedkering in Zeeland. A special project will the delivery of cabinets for the biggest crane ship in the world that’s currently being built by offshore company Heerema.

70 to 80% of all revenue goes abroad. Frans Kuijpers, commercial director of SPL, acknowledges that the times of the big gigaworks in the Netherlands have passed. “This is absolutely not the case abroad. A lot of Dutch clients are active abroad and are asking us to join them. We have an excellent name in the small world of panel builders, reason for more and more parties to do business with us”.

SPL also realizes special projects for projects abroad. Cabinets were delivered for the oil extraction on the Russian island Sachalin. Hundreds of SPL cabinets taking care of oil and gas transport are currently placed in Russia. Worth mentioning for example is the Porsche Cayenne production line, which is controlled by SPL control cabinets. A complete cheese factory in New Zealand was also equipped with SPL equipment recently.

The company is continuously marching up. Their goal is to – together with more engineering – grow especially abroad, which is already happening through the many Dutch partners. SPL wants to invest in direct relations with German machine builders during the next years.

Export countries

Europe | Russia | China | Japan | Iran | New Zealand | Australia | Singapore | United States


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