Washing Powders and Soda


Washing Powders and Soda

A family business in the true sense of the word. That is what Senzora is. In 1876, great grandfather Antoon Schoemaker bought a little store in the Papenstraat, and there he started his trade in grocery products. A Schoemaker was always the owner of the store. Now, Jan Jozef and his brother Pieter are the fourth generation of owners. The core business is washing powders and soda. Senzora has around 60 employees.

Washing powder and soda The business processes are fully automated and the development is done in its own laboratory. The company produces dozens of million kilos of washing powder a year, of which half of it is meant for export. In business park Kloosterlanden is a modern soap factory that was expanded for modern soda production in the summer of 2018. In the Netherlands and the United Kingom, Senzora has a strong position on the private label market for washing powders. Nearly all supermarket chains are included in Senzora’s customer base. In addition to the delivery of private labels, Senzora also has other brands, such as Tricel and Klok.

Environmentally friendly Senzora’s strength is ecological washing powders. These are subject to quality labels, and Senzora’s eco powders comply with those. In order to receive an ECO certificate, the washing powders must comply with strict criteria. Additionally, ECO washing powders ought to be at least equal to the market leader’s cleaning power.

Flexibility is an important competence for Senzora. Short delivery times, variable production runs and simple repackaging processes make Senzora stand out and are distinctive for Senzora’s relatively modern production facility.

Dutch washing powders are one of the best in Europe. The produced washing powders are one of the best in the world in terms of performance. Jan Jozef: “Many people don’t realise that washing powders clean better than fluid washing detergents. Every test done by consumer associations prove this. In contrast to fluid washing detergents, washing powders prevent smelly washing machines.”

Booming private labels Considering the already strong position on the Dutch market, Senzora’s ambition is to become more well-known abroad, particularly in the retail industry and with other private labels.

Jan Jozef: “The current sales of brand products is a result of great offers in stores. Private labels mean constant profits for retailers and the highest quality for consumers. That is why I think this is the most important growth factor.”

Senzora sees definite opportunities in countries where ECO powders are becoming popular.

Export Countries

Belgium | Bulgaria | United Kingdom | France | Ireland | Austria | Romania | Slovakia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Sweden | Finland | Dubai | Iraq | Morocco | Brazil | Senegal


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