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Solutions for Construction and Industry


Solutions for Construction and Industry

Sika is active worldwide with specialised solutions for both the construction as the industrial sector.

Sika’s product lines stand out because of the high quality of the concrete percipients, specialised mortar, kits and glues, materials for damping and strengthening, systems for structural strengthening, systems for both roofs and waterproofing and industrial floors and sports floors. Worldwide, Sika is present in 100 countries, has over 17,000 employees and 200 production and marketing locations and is therefore very capable of contributing to its customers’ success at local level.

Sika in the Netherlands

Together we are 1! Because of the merger of Pulastic sports floors from Deventer with Sika Netherlands from Utrecht, we now have a team of 140 employees and 20 specialised sales managers. Together we are capable of completely redecorating schools and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. By responding to market changes quickly, we can constantly renew, improve and align our offer of products, systems and services. With a focus on sustainable development and profit for our customers. Profit, that goes much further than financial benefit alone. For example, we offer the Roof-to-Floor concept. From floor to roof, we realise a total concept of roof systems, wall covering and floors.

The specialisation of the Deventer location is Pulastic® sports floors. We develop, produce and install extraordinary indoor and outdoor sports floors that are loved by athletes all over the world. Knowledge, skill and years of practical experience enable us to deliver optimum quality with lots of benefits for every client. The Pulastic® team ensures that the company remains a leader in sports floors and can expand further. Worldwide, we have installed over 35 million m2 Pulastic® sports floors in over 50,000 accommodations. The perfect evidence that we are the absolute number 1 and have been since 1965!

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