Logistics services


Logistics services

SILS was founded in the 1990s to take care of the transport and storage activities of its legal predecessor, Streng Transport. SILS offers numerous services under one roof. For example, their custom department handles the smooth customs clearing of goods from outside the EU. Their 18,000 m2 warehouse provides space for a maximum of 24,000 pallets.

Every day, SILS takes care of the order picking for various national and international customers. Furthermore, using a carefully selected group of transporters, SILS arranges transportation by road, water, rail and sea. SILS has 80 professional employees working for them.

Acting as a European distribution centre

What makes SILS exceptional and distinctive is the unique combination of so many logistic services under one roof. Their customers are diverse, ranging from a web shop for which SILS organises the e-fulfilment to parties using SILS as a European distribution centre. Besides these logistic services, SILS also acts as a tax representative for several companies outside the EU.

A fine example of such a partnership is the American-based enterprise, Ettore Products Company. They produce high-quality products for the window cleaning industry and distribute them across the globe. SILS acts as their European Distribution Centre (EDC) for all logistic operations in Europe.

With an optimal storage facility, SILS looks after the incoming sea cargo, including the entire customs process. Orders are registered in SILS’s own Warehouse Management System. Within the agreed processing time, they are shipped out through all of Europe: to distributors, retailers, wholesalers and private customers. During this process, SILS also handles the customer service from start to finish. SILS acts as a European distribution centre for various manufacturers from all over the world. Through the track and trace system, customers can follow the status of their shipments and stock in real time. Many goods find their way within Europe, but deliveries are also made outside of Europe.

Working on long-lasting relationships

SILS is proud of its long-lasting relationships with its customers. Customer turn-over is virtually non-existent thanks to SILS’ customer-oriented focus. Consequently, more and more manufacturers outside of the EU know where to find SILS as their logistic partner for Europe. The considerable confidence in SILS shows when a visit to SILS in Apeldoorn is not deemed necessary to conclude a business deal. With Brexit, requests from the UK are increasing as well as from countries like the USA and more recently from Australia. Growth is not a goal in itself but it’s a logical consequence of carrying out quality owrk. In time, the intention is to establish a second full-fledged site to improve service to existing and new customers.

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