Industrial Security


Industrial Security

SiRATEX was established in January 2020 by Dr. BerendJan van Keulen. BerendJan specialises in industrial safety issues, particularly regarding ATEX directives; Sir ATEX was born as a result. A researcher by origin, BerendJan has spent the last 10 years working as a consultant in the safety sector. He also has many years of experience as an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) manager, but he started his career as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Before SirATEX was established, BerendJan had many years of experience in industrial safety under his belt. This includes Explosion safety (ATEX 153), Machine safety, Explosion-safe equipment (ATEX 114), Functional safety and work equipment safety.

What is industrial safety?

1) Company safety, which employers are obligated to provide employees (following the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations, including work equipment risks, explosive danger, etc.)

2) Consulting companies on how to bring safe new and modified products on the market. Machine safety and explosion-safe equipment are essential in this respect.

BerendJan loves his work because every project is new and challenging and brings out the best in him; he’s at his best when he’s facilitating the successful implementation of an explosion safety policy in the chemical industry’s management system.

SirATEX sees several current market developments.

1) Changes in the energy sector, in particular hydrogen fueling stations for cars and trucks. This leads to complex risks for manufacturers and users. These potential risks need to be mapped out thoroughly before the proper measures can be taken.

2) Manufacturer monitoring has become very strict following amendments to European directives. Products from outside the EC do not nearly always conform to European safety standards.

3) The reliability of industrial safety systems must be documented and verifiable. Long-term reliability is important for proving that processes and machines can safely function.

It is a challenge for BerendJan to have every company and manufacturer work safely and to make sure that only safe products are launched on the market.

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