JIG systems


JIG systems

The Dutch company SKEW (2004) developed a unique system for the quick and easy manual assembly of reinforcement elements. Under their own brand name, SKEW JIG, they created a flexible modular system for concrete reinforcement companies to build set-ups for daily use or for specific projects. It is an adjustable frame specially adapted to the measurements of the reinforcement mesh for the faster, improved and more ergonomic application of rebar products. With this product, SKEW is unique in the world; that’s why it’s sold in more than 35 countries worldwide.

What is the SKEW-JIG system?

The SKEW-JIG system contains standard sizes so the bars and stirrups are always in the correct position relative to each other before being tied or welded together. The SKEW-JIG system can easily be assembled and adjusted to different reinforcement element construction sizes.

The modular components are available in different sizes, allowing set-up construction at any desired working height. This makes it possible to assemble large elements while maintaining an ergonomic working posture. The specially designed gripping teeth profiles (25 mm or 1″  distances) ensure that the rebar, such as stirrups, are positioned accurately. The rebar cages can be assembled quickly and precisely. This leads to a much quicker overall assembly process and a reduction in failure costs. The JIG system is made from quality materials with a lifespan of many years.

SKEW’s team can fully adapt a design to meet any changes in the required size for the rebar constructions. The focus lies in accelerating the assembly process, improving ergonomics and significantly reducing lead times. The technical engineering and design team at SKEW has extensive expertise in designing assembly stations for companies across the globe.

Made in Twello

The production of the metal cages takes place in Twello. Wemerman carries this out under SKEW’s supervision. The cages are then exported as construction kits worldwide. SKEW’s product is unique in this niche market; it is used everywhere where construction uses reinforcement steel. They gain publicity by participating in international fairs. Recently, a lot of new customers have come from the USA. Customers usually start with a small element so they can experience its advantages. The customers are often quickly convinced, and the entire production line soon follows.

Export Countries

Europe | Canada | USA | India | Singapore | Indonesia | South Korea | Japan | South Africa | Saudi Arabia