If any company has a passion for its field as a guiding principle, it’s Skydive Supplies. The company was established in 2005 at Teuge Airport – the skydiving heart of the Netherlands – by Eric Schimmel. In 2017, the business was acquired by André Masurel, a highly experienced skydiver with 35 years of jumps under his belt. André is also active as a skydiving and free-fall instructor as well as an examinator at Teuge Airport. He is also the chairman of the education and exam committee for the skydiving division within the KNVVL, the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association.

Fascinating sport

Skydiving involves more than just jumping out of a plane. It is a fascinating sport because – let’s be honest – there’s nothing more sensational than stepping out of an aeroplane at 3.5 kilometres! And that takes a lot of guts. Of course, safety comes first when practising this fantastic sport. Skydiving has clearly professionalised over the years. Today, it emphatically presents itself as a sport, not daredevil antics.

Sale and rentals

Skydive Supplies sells or rents out everything a skydiver might need from the physical shop at Teuge Airport and through their professional webshop. This assortment includes everything that has to do with skydiving equipment, right down to the cords needed to fold the parachute back up. The Netherlands alone has some 2,000 permanently registered jumpers, of which a quarter makes more than 25 jumps each year. Teuge has about a 50% market share in the Netherlands. Moreover, Teuge regularly receives visits from skydivers from other countries, and many companies take their employees to Teuge for a fantastic jump!


Trust and reliability are essential in this sport. Everything has to function properly, and professionalism in advice and delivery is critical. And that’s what Skydive Supplies truly stands for. This shows in the business’ genuine interest in the customer and prioritising the development of a mutual bond of trust rather than going for a quick win. To that effect, Skydive Supplies and André Masurel also regularly organise seminars and theory nights.


The physical shop at Teuge Airport draws a lot of enthusiasts from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and Germany. Moreover, the business exports directly to Germany, Belgium, France and Slovenia.

Export Countries

Germany | Belgium | France | Slovenia


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