Skydive Teuge


Parachute jumps have been taking place at Teuge Airport since 1969. What started out as a weekend activity organised by a small group of enthusiasts has grown over the years into one of the largest skydiving centres in Europe. Nearly half of all parachute jumps in the Netherlands are made in Teuge. The National Paracenter Teuge is the organisation that organises jumps at Teuge Airport. The organisation trades under the name Skydive Teuge with ten full-time employees.

Spectacular experience

Few experiences compare to a parachute jump. The adrenaline flows through your veins as you plummet down at speeds of 200 kilometres per hour. Whether it’s your first jump (with a tandem jump or with an instructor) or have many jumps under your belt, skydiving is and continues to be one of the most exhilarating activities you can possibly think of. Every year, Skydive Teuge organises some 40,000 to 45,000 jumps – and as many unforgettable moments.

In-house training

At Skydive Teuge, you can follow a skydiving training course. This short training involves the tandem jump and is a one-day training where you learn how to make different jumps. If you want more, you can move on to the static line jump, a jump without free fall with a parachute that opens immediately. For experienced skydivers, there is the free fall, where you jump from a height of kilometres and spend one whole minute free falling at 200 kilometres per hour before the parachute opens. Some 500 to 600 skydiving students are trained annually. This includes military personnel. For over 40 years, they can earn the parachutist badge on their uniforms through training at Skydive Teuge.

Unique in the world

What makes Skydive Teuge unique in the world is weather management. You need clear skies to make a jump, and this is not always the case in the Netherlands. By very closely monitoring the weather conditions and gearing the flights and jumps to line up with the conditions, they manage to organise jumps seven days a week in very busy airspace. This requires a lot of organisational talent and makes Teuge a household name in the skydiving world.

The future

About 1% of the population has been able to experience the sensation of a parachute jump. There is still a world to be won out there, so more and more people can experience that exhilarating feeling.

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