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With 750 customers worldwide and branches in 20 countries, Slimstock from Deventer is active worldwide in the field of forecasting, demand planning, supply chain management and inventory management. Slim4 offers a complete software solution to companies in order to manage and optimise their supply. Slimstock eventually sees itself as a leading knowledge partner in the field of supply optimisation and puts this freely to the disposal of its customers with a full-service contract with the use of the Slimstock Academy. The combination of the best software, combined with the best knowledge enable our customers to ‘outperform’.

Founders of Slimstock, Eric van Dijk (CEO) and Rolf Pflitsch, have achieved much with a team of highly-educated professionals during the past 25 years. With limitless ambition, they are working hard on the continuous worldwide expansion of the company.

Slimstock provides supply optimisation in varying sectors, such as wholesalers, retail, production and health care with Slim4. The stock management within a company is very complex and depends on much data and the selected stock strategy. Sales in the past form the basis for a forecast of the future demand. With this, a demand planning is set up and the optimum stock is calculated for each product. The data and the calculations are of a complex nature and the stock strategy is different for every company in order to comply with the company objective and the customer demand.

Top Talent Program
Because Slimstock is a knowledge-driven organisation, they invest a lot in new talents. “Slimstock has its own Top Talent Program. These talents are acquired from academic studies, so we are continuously capable of renewing and innovating. Our consultants use their knowledge and skills worldwide in order to support our customers and to achieve the best results,” says Michel Winter (operational director Netherlands).

Slimstock Academy
All Top Talents and consultants that work within Slimstock are trained in order to get insight into the complex field. These trainings are offered at the Slimstock Academy, that now offers 20 different trainings and masterclasses. In 2018, over 400 customers have already visited our Academy. This makes us one of the largest trainers within our field.

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