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Manufacturer of Consumer packaging

Smurfit Kappa Zedek

Manufacturer of Consumer packaging

Cardboard displays by Campari & Pernod Ricard (displays for liquor), packaging by Coca Cola from the UK or the packaging from erecting machines by Greetz. True works of art.

This manufacturer of consumer packaging and cardboard displays is part of the global Smurfit Kappa. In the Netherlands, Smurfit Kappa Zedek is leader in its market segment; in the UK the company is in the top three, and in Germany in the top five. The market is characterised by changing demands of brand manufacturers and retailers caused by different buying behaviour among consumers. In these changing circumstances, the company is constantly adapting to the demand on the market.

“Our biggest customer is Nestlé, manufacturer of food products,” says Managing Director Jack Pieterson. “We supply them seven days a week and that is why we are working here in a three-shift system. Nestlé orders millions of cat food containers each year, in addition to the displays for various promotions. We also develop and deliver all displays with the purple cows by Milka, a customer that generates a million in revenue. A great example of export, thanks to the marketing of Milka’s parent company Mondelez.”

Most of the 250 employees originate from Deventer. Smurfit Kappa Zedek thus has an interest in a good local labour market and is committed to it. The policy is aimed at continuing jobs, although there is little turnover off staff and most employees have a permanent contract.

The core business is to create, sell and produce full colour retail displays and consumer packaging. Marketing Director Gerbert de Ruiter: “Based on a marketing briefing from the customer, our designers go to work: shaping a creative and producible product.” Pieterson adds: “The growth of the company is mainly generated abroad. Two thirds of the turnover come from Germany and the UK, and the German market offers huge growth opportunities. Dutch creativity and productivity as a commercial product has a high reputation, it is sold successfully in spite of the higher cost structure.” With recycled cardboard as the basic product, Smurfit Kappa delivers under the FSC label. Production waste is returned to the paper mills, and with this closed circle of cardboard, the company contributes to a circular economy.

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