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Specialized in membrane technology


Specialized in membrane technology

Organic solvent is used to clean membrane filters. SolSep BV is a company specializing in membrane technology for organic purposes. Globally there are only a handful of companies who develop and produce this type of filters. For this reason SolSep sells 75% of their membranes to foreign companies, especially in the United Stated, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

SolSep BV started in 1999 and in a certain way out of a discontent with the existing technology. Because removing organic solvent, such as ethanol, from a process stream usually happens by distillation. However, this process has two downsides: it costs a lot of energy and the high temperatures can decrease the product’s quality. These downsides will be less prevalent when using membrane filters.

Doing scientific research in the agro-world, mister Cuperus worked on alternatives to the distillation process. SolSep BV was established to commercialize this membrane technology and focuses completely on development and production of membrane filter, used to remove solvents from the production process. This way the company services two markets: the fine chemistry and food ingredients. SolSep’s membranes are now usually employed as a first step to purify before distilling. The company wants to move to the use of membranes as an integral part of the production process. This is also the primary export ambition, because the companies where all of this should take place are mostly located abroad usually with research locations in the Netherlands. Looking abroad Cuperus expects there to be a lot of growth potential in the United States. Companies in the US are more accustomed to joined experiments in the production process. If results are bad they usually are quick to terminate the technology. If things do work out implementation will follow directly. In Europe things usually start small, laboratory scale for example, which usually leads to application.

Moreover, SolSep accomplished it’s best export performance in an English country: a metal company used solvents in combination with distilling to clean their products. SolSep succeeded to apply a complete solution, which also had significant economic gains for the client. Cuperus looks back satisfied.



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