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Toy Company

Spectron won the award for Toy of the Year 2016 for the Macro Robot by brand Silverlit. A reward which acknowledges their years of experience and research towards child-friendly toys. John Boeyen talks proudly about the development of electronic toys within his company. “Through years of research, anticipating trends and coordinating with Chinese production factories, we’re eventually able to create a child-friendly model. Evaluating, testing models and developing in order to adequately respond to trends and hypes in the market.” Spectron’s toy brands are available at all large retailers in Europe that sell toys, from Intertoys to Action.

Toys for all ages

Spectron, founded in 1982, is one of the leading toy suppliers in Europe. In addition to developer and manufacturer of a private label, Spectron is the exclusive importer of several well-known toy brands. In addition to its headquarters and warehouse in Deventer, Spectron also has a branch in Germany and Belgium. When you are in the showroom of Spectron, you’ll immediately want to relive your youth as a happy child! How fun is that? You’ll want to grab all toys and find out how they work. Seeing with the eyes of a child and being thrilled by electronic toys. You could be after drones and RC Cars, but also toys with familiar Disney licenses, electronic robots or other well-known toy trends. Spectron’s toys have been nominated and named ‘Toy of the Year’ several times over the years.

From drawing tables to TV commercials

Boeyen: “The source and development team works six to twelve months on a new collection. During this process, various tests and reviews take place, whereby all employees and their children are involved. “During the development of the electronic toy, we also need to take in account the laws and regulations in the countries which we’ll be exporting to. The shift in the retail sector also hit Spectron. Internet is essential for sales. Seeing the electronic toy “in action” seeing is a prerequisite. Therefore, our marketing takes place entirely through TV commercials. That’s how Spectron creates a Toys For Us experience!

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Austria | Eastern-Europe | Scandinavia | Spain


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